Sunday, November 13, 2011

Garden Elements - Recycled Landscape Glass

         Anybody who gardens knows the importance of caring for the environment around you.  Recycling clippings to make mulch, recycling kitchen scraps to make compost, even recycling concrete to make pathways are a few of the ways that garden lovers can recycle materials.  American Specialty Glass has taken that philosophy one step further.  American Specialty Glass takes old windows & bottles and melts them down into 10 different sizes for a wide range of uses.  The most popular size for landscape use is the ¼ inch – ½ inch. Available in 18 colors, recycled glass is heated and tumbled to remove the sharp edges. 
      In the landscape field, American Specialty Glass products can be used for mulch, fire pits, at the base of water fountains and for creating amazing dry river streams as seen in the photos below. Here is the American Specialty Glass web page with more info;
      The price for recycled glass depends on the amount ordered.  American Specialty Glass ships in everything from 1lb bags to 50lbs bags.  It takes roughly 7 lbs of ½ inch sized glass to cover 1 square foot to a depth of 2 inches. Here is a chart showing all their prices.

Glass bottles about to be recycled

Recycled Green Glass after heating and tumbling

Recycled glass used in a water fountain base

All photos provided by American Specialty Glass


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  2. Wow!Very beautiful. Where do I buy the colored glass?