Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Photo - Evergreen Pear (Pyrus kawakamii)

This small tree is neither evergreen nor bears any pears.
But it is covered with small white flowers every February
 here in San Diego.  The blooms only last a month and
then the leaves comes in.  In San Diego, Evergreen Pears
can become infected with a virus known as fireblight.
Fireblight is spread by bees and causes the branches to
have a burnt look.  The key to stop the infection
from spreading all over the tree is to remove the infected branches
in the Winter before the blooms and bees arrive.
Photo by Doug Kalal

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  1. Do these trees have fragrant flowers. I believe these trees are planted throughout the parking lot in Rancho Santa Fe where the Sunday Farmers Market is held. I call them "popcorn" trees because of the abundant white
    Is the Evergreen Pear safe to plant near a few feet from a sidewalk and driveway? My husband doesn't want a tree whose roots could damage our driveway or cause trip hazards on the sidewalk.