Plants for Cut Flowers

Click on these links to see my favorite cut flower plant photos from this blog.  All of these photos were taken in San Diego.
Bear's Breech
Bellflower (Campanula)

Bird of Paradise
Canna Lily
Floribunda Rose 'Betty Boop'

Floribunda Rose 'George Burns'
Floribunda Rose 'Honey Bouquet'

Floribunda Rose 'Nicole'
Floribunda Rose 'Playgirl'

Floribunda Rose 'Pumpkin Patch'
Floribunda Rose 'Priscilla Burton'
Floribunda Rose 'Rainbow Sorbet'
Floribunda Rose 'Scentimental'
Floribunda Rose 'Sexy Rexy'

Floribunda Rose 'Tuscan Sun'
Floss Flower
French Lavender
Goodwin Creek Lavender
Grandiflora Rose 'Bronze Star'
Grandiflora Rose 'Gold Medal'
Grandiflora Rose 'Rock N' Roll'
Hybrid Tea Rose 'Cajun Sunrise'
Hybrid Tea Rose 'Marilyn Monroe'
Hybrid Tea Rose 'Mr. Lincoln'

Hybrid Tea Rose 'Perfect Moment'
Hybrid Tea Rose 'Pope John Paul II'
Hybrid Tea Rose 'Secret'
Hybrid Tea Rose 'Signature'
Hybrid Tea Rose 'St. Patrick'
Hybrid Tea Rose 'Veteran's Honor'
Kangaroo Paw
Lily of the Nile (Agapanthus)
Matilla Poppy
Mexican Bush Sage
Miniature Rose 'Irresistible'
Peruvian Lily (Alstroemeria)
Pincushion Protea
Rose Scented Geranium
Shrub Rose (David Austin) 'Molineaux'
Shrub Rose (David Austin) 'Prospero'
Teddy Bear Sunflower
Yarrow 'Summer Pastels'