Click on these links to see my favorite shrub photos from this blog.  All of these photos were taken in San Diego.
Arabian Lilac
Bank Acacia also known as Acacia redolens

Bar Harbor Juniper
Ceanothus 'Yankee Point'
Ceanothus lecodermis (White Bark Lilac)
Coprosma 'Artist Palette'
Coprosma 'Evening Glow'
Coprosma 'Marble Queen'
Coprosma 'Pink Splendor'
Coprosma 'Rainbow Surprise'
Coprosma 'Sunburst'
Coprosma 'Taupata Gold'
Coprosma 'Tequila Sunrise'
Dwarf Bottlebrush
Fraser's Photinia
Golden Aucuba
Hopseed Bush
Japanese Camellia 'Alba Plena'

Japanese Camellia 'Cherries Jubilee'
Japanese Camellia 'Henry E. Huntington'
Japanese Camellia 'Harold Paige'
Japanese Camellia 'Kumagai Nagayo'

Japanese Camellia 'Nuccio's Gem'
Japanese Camellia 'R. L. Wheeler'
Japanese Camellia 'Shala's Baby'

Marjorie Channon Pittosporum
Orchid Rockrose
Purple Potato Bush
Silver Sheen Pittosporum
Sun Camellia 'Kanjiro'
Swane's Golden Italian Cypress
Tiny Tower Juniper
Tree Mallow
Variegated Hebe
Variegated Myrtle
Wichita Blue Juniper