Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ask Doug - "How do I use stones for a DG path border?"

"Doug, I am using rocks to border my path.  I have dug my pathway and laid down my landscape fabric.  I have also placed stones but am not quite sure how to set them.  Should I put a layer of sand in, set the stones, and then add the DG, or do I just dig a spot in the ground, put the stone in and pack dirt around?  I am brand new to this stuff and doing it all myself.  Thanks for any tips you can give me."  Anonymous

Thank you for reading my blog and sending in a great question.  The way that we built the DG path seen in the photo below was to dig a shallow trench about 2 inches deep and about 4 inches wide.  The rocks were then laid in the trench.  Dirt was then packed around the rocks on the outside edge of the border, and the DG on the inside.  Notice in the photo that there is no pattern to the rocks, some large, some small, none of them are perfectly lined up.  This irregularity makes the path seem more natural.

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Photo by Doug Kalal, taken at a client's garden in San Carlos

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  1. What a beautiful path, lovely stones on top of that aswell!