Friday, May 25, 2012

Photo - Recycled Concrete Patio Construction

First, start with a pile of concrete from an old patio or sidewalk

Then draw an area for the new patio.  Next begin layingout the pieces
to look like flagstone, leaving approximately 2 inches in between
each piece.  After you have laid out each piece, take the time to left the
pieces so that you have a nice stable and flat patio.

Next stain the concrete.  Concrete stains are available at Home Depot
and Lowes.  After the stain has dried, add soil and a small
ground cover like Dymondia or Creeping Thyme to fill in the areas.

It's finished!

Photos by Doug Kalal, taken at a client's garden in La Mesa


  1. Another benefit of choosing to install a stone patio is the reduced level of yard maintenance. After its construction, your patio allows you to enjoy the natural beauty of the outside world without the hassle of dealing with a lawn or a wooden deck.
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  2. Amazing, I like the new recycled concrete patio. It looks so beautiful. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us.