Thursday, June 14, 2012

Photo - Lady Banks Rose (Rosa banksia)

The largest and oldest rose bush in the world is a
Lady Banks Rose.  It is found in Tombstone, Arizona
where the rose bush covers 8,000 square feet and is supported
by a series of fences and posts.  That rose was planted in the
late 1800's and is still thriving to this day,
blooming just in the spring.

Photo by Doug Kalal, taken at a client's garden in Poway.

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  1. An alert reader has pointed out to me that while the Lady Banks Rose in Tombstone is the largest rose in the world, the oldest rose is actually located in Hildesheim, Germany. Growing on the side of the Cathedral of Hildesheim, this rose has been thriving for the last 1,000 years. Even when the church was destroyed in WWII, the rose survived and the church was rebuilt. Thank you to Linda Hitney for this great bit of info.