Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Plant Review - Marble Queen Coprosma

Marble Queen Coprosma (Coprosma repens ‘Marble Queen’)

          Shrubs are like the hardworking offensive linemen of the plant world.  They serve to block out unwanted fences, house features, AC units and other elements that can distract the eye.  Shrubs are generally not fussy little prima donnas (unlike some perennials) but tough plants ready to do a tough job and let someone else receive all the attention.  But once in a while, a shrub comes along that can do all the hard work and still attract a second look from the casual passerby.  Marble Queen Coprosma is just that plant.
          A native of New Zealand, this excellent shrub is also known as the Mirror Plant.  Glossy foliage gives the plant a shiny and vibrant appearance.  Marble Queen is a new variety that features cream splotches and streaks throughout the green foliage.  This shrub can reach 4 feet tall and 5 feet wide.  Marble Queen Coprosma does best in full sun on the coast and part shade inland.
          One of the great features of this shrub is that it is a very clean plant.  No flowers or seeds, and very little leaf litter makes this shrub a perfect plant for around water features and swimming pools.  Marble Queen Coprosma is also a terrific plant for under mature trees and up against the house.  The shiny, multicolor foliage really stands out in the shade.
          There are over 100 varieties of Coprosma available in the world and about a dozen here in San Diego, but Marble Queen’s reliability and beauty make her my favorite shrub and a great plant for your garden.

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