Monday, January 31, 2011

Plant Review - Mexican Bush Sage

 Mexican Bush Sage produces large vibrant purple blossoms from March through November.  This wonderful Sage loves full sun but will also grow in part shade as long as it gets about 6 hours of sun per day.  Reaching 4 feet tall and wide, the flowers of this plant are great for attracting hummingbirds as well as producing outstanding cut flowers.
          Mexican Bush Sages are easy plants to grow.  After planting, add a Best Pak on the side of the hole before backfilling the soil.  Best Paks are slow release fertilizer packets used by landscape contractors to help establish a new garden, and can be purchased at Miramar Wholesale Nursery or Hydroscape.  
          Here is a brief timeline for growing your Mexican Bush Sage:
January – Add 2 handfuls of GroPower Plus fertilizer around the base of the plant.  This will get the plant ready to start producing the new growth needed for a great floral display in the Spring.
March – Add 5 BestPaks around the base of each plant.  You do not need to break up the packets, just bury them under your mulch.
July – Now that the Spring blossoms have faded, cut your Mexican Bush Sage in half.  This will encourage your plant to produce another round of spectacular blooms for the Fall.  Add 2 handfuls of GroPower Plus fertilizer around the base of the plant. 
September – Add 5 Best Paks around the base of each plant. 
December – The Fall blooms have faded, so now is the time to prune the Mexican Bush Sage all the way down to the ground.  In January new growth will begin to sprout from the base.
          This plant is one the most reliable and eye catching beauties to plant in your drought tolerant garden. Expect lots of hummingbirds in your garden with this great plant!

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