Sunday, March 6, 2011

Gardening Tip - Fixing Clay Soil with Gro-Power

      As mentioned in the 2 previous posts, hard clay soils present a series of challenges for growing healthy plants.  Gypsum is the best additive for removing salts from a clay soil.  Today’s post will talk about Gro-Power.
      Gro-Power is a soil conditioner that adds organic material and mico-organisms back into the soil.  Without these micro-organisms, the soil cannot process any plant food for the roots of your plants.  Basically, trying to feed plants stuck in hard clay soil is like trying to eat pizza with your mouth wired shut.  The food just has nowhere to go.  With an organic fertilizer like Gro-Power, the plant roots are freed and can actively process the nutrients in the soil.
      Gro-Power can be used in both new and existing landscapes.  For new landscapes, rototill Gro-Power in at the rate of 150 lbs for every 1,000 sq ft.  For existing landscapes, use 1 to 5 cups based on plant size every 6 months (see package for details).
      Using gypsum and Gro-Power will help turn that rock hard clay soil into a better environment for your garden.  Gro-Power is available at most nurseries and garden centers.
Photo by Doug Kalal

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