Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Plant Review - Hot Lips Sage (Salvia microphylla 'Hot Lips')

Do you grow plants that are always the same color?  A yellow Kangaroo Paw that is always yellow?  BORING!  A red rose that is always red?  BORING!  How about a plant that does this for flower color;
February – Red
March – Red
April – Red & White
May – Red & White
June – Red & White
July – White
August – White
September – Red & White
October – Red & White
November – Red
Sound confusing?  Welcome to the world of Hot Lips Sage.  Like all Salvias, this one is a great hummingbird plant.  Like all salvias, this one has a very nice fragrance to its foliage.  But unlike any other salvia, this one does not know what color it is supposed to be and that makes it one of my favorites.
          Hot Lips Sage gets about 4’ wide by 2’ tall and is a full sun, drought tolerant plant.  Give this plant a hard haircut (about 30 %) with a hedge trimmer in September and January to keep it fresh.  Feed it with some Gro-Power (see post below) and Hot Lips Sage will be a winner in your garden.

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