Sunday, May 8, 2011

Photo - The Baby Finches are flying!

A pair of Finches returned this year to build a
nest above my back door. In early April, 3 little babies hatched.
Each day I watched mom & dad scour my backyard,
looking for insects to feed the hungery mouths.
Today, a month after hatching, the babies began to test their wings.
Here is one of them on the ground taking a break.
Photo by Doug Kalal

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  1. We live in Los Angeles, near the Angeles National Forest, and there are a lot of finches here. A pair of them built a nest on top of our front porch light fixture sometime in June, and the three babies flew away just a couple of weeks ago (they were so cute!). Whenever we see a group of finches now, we wonder if "our" babies are among them... :)