Monday, June 27, 2011

Results from the San Diego County Fair Flower Show

Here is the follow up to my article last week on the San Diego County Fair Flower Show.  Here is the list of winning entries that came from my garden.

Category                     Flower Name                   Place
Rarest Bloom             Chinese Foxglove              2
Largest Bloom           Sunflower                          2, 3
Multi-Color Bloom    Gaura                                   3
Bloom in a Bowl        Sunflower                            1
Succulent Bloom       Aloe brevifolia                  2
Blue Bloom                 Argentina Sage                    2
Green Bloom             Green Kangaroo Paw         2
Purple Bloom            Butterfly Bush                     1
Orange Bloom          Sunflower                            3, 4
Red Bloom                 Red Kangaroo Paw             3
Yellow Bloom           Moonshine Yarrow             4
Apricot Bloom          Delta Leaf Sage                    4
Most Striking Color  Graffiti Pink Geranium     3
California Native       Cleveland Sage                   2
Sunflowers                  Lots of winners

My Coprosmas also won multiple awards in the foliage category.

I also won the trophy for best in cut flowers for my Teddy Bear Sunflower that was a floating entry.

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