Monday, July 18, 2011

Nursery Review - Plant World

         I have traveled all over San Diego County, giving lectures, meeting with clients, contractors, vendors and exploring nurseries.  It is always fun to find a really great nursery in a really out of the way place.  Plant World Nursery is just such a place.  Plant World is located just off of the Deer Springs exit on the west side of Highway 15 in north Escondido (about 10 minutes north of the highway 15/78 interchange).
          A large nursery, Plant World has 7 acres of retail grounds and 10 acres of growing fields, so the selection is tremendous.  I especially love the California Native and Drought Tolerant sections.  Some of the junipers they carry in stock, I have not found at any other nursery in town and are in great condition.  Plant World also has a great selection of shade plants, pottery and fruit trees.
          Plant World delivers to all of San Diego County and parts of Riverside County. While you are there make sure to stop by and see their fun parrot collection.  Plant World is a beautiful nursery for the far north inland county homeowner.

Plant World
26334 Mesa Rock Rd.
Escondido, CA 92026
(760) 741-2144

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  1. Sadly, under new ownership this nursery has become as ubertacky as its ugly full page newspaper ads. Any 'landscaping advice' offered is strictly aimed at selling their low quality plant stock. There are many smaller, higher quality nurseries in the area well-worth seeking out.