Friday, July 8, 2011

Photo - CMU Wall with Brick Facade Under Construction

First the block courses are laid, note the rebar running
up through the hollow parts of the block.

Drains are added to the back of the wall.

Drainage cloth is laid over a perforated pvc
pipe, which is then covered with loose gravel.
This is an important step that prevents water from
building up against the the back of the retaining wall.

A stucco coat is added to the wall,
along with a brick cap.

Brick facade pieces are mortared in place with spacers.

The spacers hold the facade pieces in place until the mortar dries.

Grout is added to inbetween the facade pieces.

The brick facade is cleaned to remove excess grout.

The garden is finished.

This wall was designed by Doug Kalal
and built by Green Gardens Landscape.

Photos taken by client at their house in Point Loma.

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