Tuesday, September 20, 2011

5 Fantastic Palm Trees for San Diego

Palm trees grow easily in out sunny temperate climate.  Here are my favorites for San Diego gardens.  Pictures for these palms can be found on my blog, just enter the plant name in the search box.
Archontophoenix cunninghamiana
King Palm
This slender and fast growing palm will eventually reach 50 feet in height.  A self-cleaning palm, King Palms tolerate a wide range of soil conditions.

Brahea armata
Blue Hesper Palm
This native of Mexico has beautiful gray foliage and is drought tolerant.  Also known as the Mexican Blue Palm and can reach 30 feet in height.

Butia capitata
Pindo Palm
Beautiful curved foliage makes this palm a terrific focal point plant for tropical gardens.  Grows to 30 feet tall.

Dypsis decaryi
Triangle Palm
This palm is named for the triangle that the fronds form from both the front and top view.  This is a very effective palm tree for screening.  Triangle Palms reach 30 feet in height.

Phoenix dactylifera
Date Palm
This native of the middle east is a tall and elegant palm tree used for high end resorts around the world.  This beautiful palm looks great with uplighting.  Date Palms are slow growing (less than 2 feet per year), can reach 50 feet in height and are drought tolerant.

For a more detailed list of palms for a wide range of uses, check out this link from Jungle Music Palms & Cycads.

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