Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ask Doug - "What is an easy way to feed plants in pots?"

"Doug, we planted Blue Point Junipers, Kangaroo Paws and New Zealand Flax in some large pots.  What is the best way to feed them?"

Plants in containers need to be fed more frequently than plants in the ground because the nutrients in the pot can wash out of the bottom of each pot when the plant is watered.  The best way to feed container plants is to use a time release fertilizer.  The least expensive, slow release fertilizer available in San Diego are Best Paks.  Best Paks are small packets the size of tea bags.  I use 9 packets for an exsiting plant in a 20 inch diameter pot.  Best paks are also what landscape contractors use when installing a new landscape. The food lasts for about 6 months in a container.  Best Paks come in bags that hold 100 packets.  One bag costs about $12.00.  Here in San Diego, Best Paks are only sold at Miramar Nursery and Hydroscape.  Here is the spec sheet for Best Paks as well as the websites for the retailers that sell them.

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