Monday, October 10, 2011

Nursery Review - Miramar Wholesale Nursery

Some nurseries are like Nordstrom: elegant, beautifully laid out with a high quality product (and prices to match).  Miramar Wholesale Nursery is a lot like Costco: massive, with great prices and very good service.
            Located at the exit of Governor Dr. and highway 805, Miramar Wholesale is a whopping 200 acres in size (larger than the entire Qualcomm Stadium parking lot).  Geared for the landscaper, Miramar is also open to the public.  This nursery is set up so that you can drive through the entire property.   
Like Costco, Miramar can be overwhelming to the first time shopper.  The plants are laid out in sections, also known as blocks.  Each block usually focuses on a single type of plant and size such as 15 gallon trees.    First time shoppers should go to the sales office and pick up a map and a product availability list.  This will tell you, for example, where to find French Lavender (block 7C for 1 gallon, block 16C for 5 gallon sizes).  Some of the plants are labeled, but if you are going to pull the plants yourself, you should know what each plant looks like.  However, if you are not sure, just ask.  The staff at the sales office is very helpful. 
Another option is to phone ahead and have the staff pull everything you need.  Rocco D’Eugenio is very helpful when it comes to guiding the public through a pick up order. Rocco can also have everything delivered to your home.  No more trying to jam a 10 foot tall tree into your mini-van.
            In addition to plants, Miramar also sells a wide range of landscape products such as plant food and bulk mulch (which also can be delivered).  Best Paks are a slow release plant food used for both new plants and established gardens and Miramar is the only nursery in San Diego that sells them.  A great little landscape contractor secret, Best Paks are mentioned frequently in this blog.
            So if you are a do-it-yourself gardener looking to save a lot of money on plants and other landscape materials at a one stop location, then Miramar Wholesale Nurseries is the place to go.

Miramar Wholesale Nurseries
5400 Governor Dr
San Diego, CA 92122

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