Monday, October 17, 2011

Nursery Review - Village Nursery

        One of my favorite aspects of doing the lecture series is to give homeowner inside tips that professional landscape contractors know about.  One of the great nurseries in San Diego that contractors love to use is Village Nurseries.  Located on Highway 56 and Carmel Valley (go south at the exit and follow the signs), Village Nurseries prides itself on selling high quality plants at affordable prices. The San Diego Village Nursery has 3 acres of retail grounds plus another 700 acres of growing grounds spread throughout the state.  Because of this massive network of fields, Village can get anything on their very extensive inventory delivered to the San Diego location (or your house) within days of the order. 
       The 3 plants that I love to shop for there are the Phormiums (lots of great 1 gallon selections), Coprosmas (great foliage) and California Fuschias.  Go visit Jennifer on the weekends and she will help you find the perfect plant for your landscape needs.

Village Nurseries
4343 Carmel Valley Rd
San Diego, CA 92130
(858) 481-8907

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