Monday, November 21, 2011

Garden Elements - Antique European Flagstone (Monarch Stone)

             There are many different types of materials to use in creating a patio.  Among the materials featured in this blog are; Pavers, Concrete, Flagstone, Decomposed Granite and Brick.  Add to that list a new type of material that is part paver and part flagstone.  Antique European Flagstone is an architectural paving stone produced by Monarch Stone and sold here in San Diego by KRC Rock. 
            Antique European Flagstones are large pieces of concrete with an integrated color.  They come in both square (20” x 30”) and rectangular (20” x 30”) pieces.  Each piece is roughly 1 ½ inches thick. Antique European Flagstone comes in 5 different colors; Bristol, Adagio, Yorkshire, Windsor Hills and Roma.  One of the unique features of this material is that the flagstone has been created by making molds of centuries-old streets in London. 
Horse hooves, carriages and hundreds of years of wear have made their impressions on the original streets.  That old world feel has been brought into each Antique European Flagstone piece.

At KRC Rock you can buy Antique European Flagstone by the piece or by the pallet.  One pallet has 44 pieces and will cover 150 to 170 square feet.  Each pallet costs roughly $700.  The cost per square foot of the material is about $4 which makes it a little more expensive than some of the standard flagstones such as Arizona Buff.  However, because of the shape of Antique European Flagstone, it is a much easier material to install than regular flagstone.  Antique European Flagstone can be installed in a similar fashion to either pavers or flagstone in that sand or mortar can be used in between the pieces.  Because of this flexibility, Antique European Flagstone generally costs about $15 to $20 per square foot for a contractor to install them.  For more information, here are the web pages for both KRC Rock and Monarch Stone (Coronado Stone).

Photos provided by Monarch Stone

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